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October 7

10:00 AM Registration Opens
11:00 AM – Roundtable Discussions 

During this session, attendees will gather in small groups to share insights, market intelligence, and perspectives on today’s key technology trends and opportunities in banking and AI. Specifically, we will explore how to build a sustainable framework for automation within modern banking organisations and the current European regulatory framework. 

A light lunch will be provided after the roundtables.

1:00 PM Opening Remarks by Co-Chairs Whitney McDonald, Editor, Bank Automation News, and Angela Yore, founder and managing director of SkyParlour
1:15 PM Session One: (Panel) The AI revolution in banking: A roadmap for the future 
  • AI use cases for improved financial services products and profits  
  • The realities of ROI on automation tech spend 
  • AI governance – internal procedures, councils, Center of Excellence for gen AI and more 
2:15 PM Session Two: Fireside Chat

During this session, a member of the Bank Automation News team will sit down with a key banking technology executive for a discussion on crucial technology and automation trends, developments, and strategies. 

2:45 PM Afternoon Break 
3:15 PM Session Three: (Panel) The Data Imperative: Pursuing a clean data future  
  • Best practices for data management protocols
  • Creating a data-first orientation across the organisation
  • Data storage strategies


4:00 p.m. Session Four: (Panel) Personalisation across retail, consumer banking products 
  • Creating unique customer experiences through bank services to boost customer retention 
  • Using data and analytics to draft and send personalised content  
  • Leveraging GenAI co-pilots for deeper personalisation 
5:00 PM Cocktail Reception


October 8

8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Welcoming Remarks 
9:10 AM Session Five: (Panel) The state of regulation on AI and beyond 
  • EU Artificial Intelligence Act implementation 
  • AI “hallucinations” and the law 
  • The outlook for general banking tech regulation, particularly considering the fractious ongoing geopolitical environment in Europe following the Brexit vote 
10:00 – 10:30 AM Session Six: Fireside 

During this session, a member of the Bank Automation News team will sit down with Jean-Marc Thienpont, Managing Director of Omnichannel & Biometric Solutions at JP Morgan, for a discussion on crucial technology and automation trends, developments, and strategies. 

10:30 AM–11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Session Seven: Startup demos of new technologies and solutions

Bank Automation News editors source cutting-edge startups from around the world to demo their latest technologies and innovations. From novel AI applications to better security solutions to stealth technologies, startups will share their demos of new products and solutions that will get you brainstorming.  

Click Here to apply to participate in the 2024 Demo Challenge.

12:30 PM Networking Lunch 
1:45 PM Session Eight: (Presentation) What’s new in digital assistants: Implementing AI for enhanced user experience  
  • Ongoing innovation and technology updates   
  • Promoting virtual-assistant adoption  
  • Internal and external use cases for virtual assistants  
3:00 p.m. – Session Nine: (Panel) The evolution of instant payments in Europe 
  • Inside EU instant payments regulation  
  • Creating a technical roadmap for implementing real-time infrastructure 
  • Selecting a tech vendor 
3:45 p.m. – Session Ten: (Panel) Consolidation in the banking sectors of the U.S. and Europe and its ramifications for technology  
  • A global outlook on banking and fintech M&A  
  • How consolidation can boost profitability, efficiency, and digitalisation in the European banking sector 
  • Approaching a merger and integration through a technologist’s lens 
4:30 PM Conclusion


As the only event focused on the implementation of AI and automation technology in European financial services, the Summit brings together financial institution leaders with automation and technology providers to experience rich networking opportunities, insightful sessions, interactive presentations, and exposure to carefully curated AI-centric startups. Bank Automation Summit Europe 2024 presents an opportunity for influential leaders in the industry to gain and share insights into both European and U.S. approaches to technology.

Event Details: October 7-8, 2024 – Hilton Frankfurt, Germany


Showcase your brand alongside influential banks, innovative fintechs, and respected executives with rich experience in the banking industry. Financial service professionals will be directly exposed to your company’s presence through sponsorship opportunities. This is your chance to further cement the association between your company and the ever-evolving banking technology landscape. Fill out the form below for more information, a copy of our event media kit, or to quickly secure your place at Bank Automation Summit Europe.


Info: Hochstraße 4, 60313Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
+49 69 133800
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