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Experience the Newest Technology Only at Bank Automation Summit 2024

Embark on a transformative journey where cutting-edge technology is harmonized with the heartbeat of global finance. The Bank Automation Summit 2024 is the preeminent event tailored to resonate with the strategic vision of CTOs and CIOs across banks of all sizes. It will take place on March 18-19, 2024, at the prestigious OMNI Nashville. 

This summit showcases presentations and immersive experiences in AI and Fintech. As leaders in the banking sector navigate the evolving landscape of machine learning algorithms, RPAs, and artificial intelligence, our summit serves as the epicenter for insightful discourse. It positions industry professionals to navigate the future with confidence. 

The Bank Automation Summit fosters an environment where valuable connections are forged. Attendees from large institutions to mid-sized enterprises and small banks converge with technological visionaries in a professionally casual and relaxed setting. The summit is far beyond a conventional conference. It is about fostering meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and the collaborative formulation of tomorrow’s strategies today. 

We curate an atmosphere conducive to meaningful gatherings, rejecting the impersonality of vast event spaces and prioritizing a close-knit ambiance that encourages organic discussions and facilitates deeper interactions. Our carefully selected speakers contribute to this environment, each bringing insights and expertise that cater to our attendees’ interests and concerns, who face diverse challenges unique to the size of their financial institutions.