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Bank Automation News provides market intelligence, news and insights on automation technology and operations for banking professionals.  

Formerly Bank Innovationsince 2009, our team has been at the forefront of tracking the evolution of digital banking. With the future of innovation pointing to opportunities in automation, we are evolving the focus of our coverage to continue to provide insights and information that guide industry professionals to better results, particularly around automation initiatives and adoption for the banking sector. 

Automation is the next frontier of financial services technology. Set to improve or transform most banking processes, from customer experience to compliance and lending solutions to investment, automation technology will create the greatest transformation at financial institutions since the digitization of financial services in the wake of the Credit Crisis. According to McKinsey, this shift to automation has accelerated most in financial services since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. About 88% of finance and insurance executives reported to McKinsey that they increased implementation of automation and AI since the outbreak.  Banks that are not already investing in automation technologies are beginning to do so, particularly for training and educational purposesBank Automation News is the first and only news and education source dedicated to fostering this emerging segment of financial services technology. 

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