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Mike Reynolds

Business Technology Executive

MICHAEL REYNOLDS, Business Technology Executive, leads KeyBank’s Service Digitization group responsible for Robotic Process Automation platforms, the exploration and adoption of the Enterprise Low Code platform, and Intelligent Document Processing.  Mike’s teams operate under Agile principles and have delivered over 300 automated processes since 2019.  The digital workforce executes the equivalent of 500 employees’ worth of work every day and continues to expand at a rate of 10 new business processes every month.  His passion includes speaking at industry events and engaging people to deliver innovative technology solutions with a focus on hyperautomation and artificial intelligence. Mike is two-time KeyBank Chairman’s Award winner and the 2022 recipient of the KeyBank Mike Cozzens Inspiration award. 


In previous positions at KeyBank, Mike was the Domain Manager for Real Estate Capital & Syndications responsible for the technology solutions associated with origination and servicing commercial real estate loans valued in excess of $250 Billion.  The diversified portfolio spans across several capital sources including On Balance Sheet, CMBS, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, LIHTC, Private Label and Government Lending. Previously, Michael served as a technical guide and resource manager for Key Equipment Finance, KeyBank Risk and KeyBank Real Estate Capital.  His systems responsibilities include(d) Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning, ABBYY, Automation Anywhere, UiPath Outsystems, CLS, Loan IQ, Argus, Risk Rating Application, CJC Closer, McCracken Strategy, RECWeb, Investor/Borrower Key2CRE, document scanning applications and optimizing storage within those systems. 


Mike’s technical background includes previous experiences at Hallmark, Sprint, Intel, AT&T, Step1 Technical Training group and GoldBank.   Mike is a lifelong learner with multiple degrees in a variety of fields, including applied statistics, education, Spanish literature and attends courses at different colleges to this day. His current coursework is in Plant Propagation and Entomology.